Quantum Series Digital Splitters

Worldtec developed the Quantum series digital splitters. These commercial grade passives have been engineered precisely for the demands two-way multimedia communications. These are designed to withstand the demands of today’s high traffic data intensive environment that we are now building to accommodate.

We utilize a low inter-modulation, enhanced return path design and low isolation at the MoCA frequencies. The Quantum Series will be able to handle your media demands whether they be video, data , voice, and transmission or higher order modulation schemes.


  • 6 kV ring wave surge protection on all ports
  • 40 dB port to port isolation in return band
  • 35 dB output return loss in return band
  • Low inter-modulation design
  • Corrosion protective Nickel alloy plating available
  • Zinc alloy die-cast housing and back plate for housing integrity
  • 15 psi sealed SCTE compliant F-ports
  • 100% solder-back
  • Machine threaded F-ports
  • SMD Design for enhanced electrical and mechanical performance


  • Peak performance for digital and cable modem applications
  • High surge resistance to withstand harsh environments
  • Superior Grade housing for corrosion resistance
  • Full suite of housing configurations available: 2-,3-,4-,6-,8-, 16-way
  • SMD engineered deign
  • Power passing