#10, Green Ground Wire, Solid Copper UL Listed, Made in U.S.A. – 50 Ft Reel

SKU# 10-GW10-50

  • 50 Feet Green Solid Copper Ground Wire (UL Listed)
  • Heat, Moisture, Gas, and Oil Resistant
  • 10 Gauge
  • Solid Copper Wire
  • Made in the USA
  • Approved for Use With DirecTV, DISH, Hughes Net

50’ roll of 10 AWG solid copper ground wire with a heavy-duty green cover. It is typically used in conjunction with other grounding supplies to protect against lightning strikes and power surges. #10 ground wire is commonly used when connecting the ground rod to the main building ground source. Wires #12 or #14 AWG are generally used in the following connections: Transmitter to the antenna, antenna to ground rod, or ground source (depending on the requirements of the system being installed) This ground wire has other applications outside of satellite internet or satellite television. Type THHN-THWN building wire is intended for general-purpose applications and may be installed in conduit, duct, or other recognized raceways in wet (60°C oil/75°C water) or dry (90°C) locations.