3.75″ x 10 x 2.2mm, Moisture-Resistant Self Sealing (Weather Grade)


  • Acts as a waterproof seal; perfect for residential or commercial installations
  • Strong, sticky, two-sided tape firmly adheres to most metals, rubber, insulators, jackets, and synthetics
  • Made of flexible, pliable, moldable, non-conducting wrap compound
  • Suitable for cold and hot weather installations
  • Has excellent dielectric strength and adhesive qualities to seal low-voltage applications
  • Impervious to water, salt water, soil, and most corrosive chemicals
  • The tape can be trimmed to fit the application
  • To apply, cut the tape to the desired size and place the cutout strips between the roof and mount for a protective, waterproof seal.

Tecseal- We offer this 3.75-inch bishop tape that is used to permanently protect, seal, and weatherproof an area where two surfaces meet. This bishop tape is sold in a 3.75 inch X 10 Foot x 2.2mm roll, is typically used when needing waterproof attachments of antenna mounts or satellite mounts to roofs, and acts as a sealant to prevent water and other contaminants from seeping through the roof after installation.