Single Nail Clip RG6 White

SKU# 30-CC6-W

  • 7mm Short Nail-in Fastener
  • Single Cable Clip
  • Attaches to wood, concrete, brick, masonry, and plaster
  • Zinc-plated preloaded hardened steel nail
  • High-impact plastic
  • White

This is the single RG6 cable clip with short concrete nail in white. The RG6 Clips secure RG6 to concrete or wood making for a neat, professional installation of RG6 cable. These wall cable holders are easy to use and highly reliable. These Dual RG6 Cable Clips are tough, precision-engineered plastic clips that hold wire and cable securely in place, and work great on coaxial cable. The nail is perpendicular to the work surface and driven straight in, greatly reducing cracking on this RG6 clip. The Nail Clips have no sharp edges, reducing the chance of cutting cable jackets or sheaths and causing signal loss on this coaxial clip.

  • Pre-installed nail
  • Hi-Impact plastic
  • Short Concrete nail
  • Packaged in bags of 100