Dual, 3GHz, High Frequency Wall Plate, White


The 3.0Ghz F-Type wall plate is the perfect way to organize and neatly tuck away your F-type cables. The high-performance F-type coupler is rated at 3.0 GHz to accommodate the latest high-speed cable.  Whether you are working with TV or Satellite cables, this wall plate will provide you with a clean, organized installation.


  • White
  • 2 High-performance F81 splice rated for 3.0GHz
  • High-Impact ABS Plastic with Mounting Screws

High Frequency 3 GHz F-81 Dual Coaxial White Wall Plate. Terminates cable hookups at 75-ohm wall connection.


  • Remove the old receptacle from the wall box.
  • Connect the  coax cable from antenna to back of plate.
  • Connect second coax cable to back of plate.
  • Replace duplex wall plate to the wall box using screws.