EZ-Dig-Digging Tool Used with Item 250-750 Foam

SKU# 250-EZ

Q-Set™ 250-750 is a hydrophobic two-part polyurethane Composite Backfill that expands to fill the peripheral void between a post and the hole. It forms low-density, high-strength composite that can structurally support the post and maintain its upright positioning. It expands immediately after mixing and reaches 50% of full strength in approximately 3 minutes and is fully cured in approximately 2 hours.

Q-Set™ 250-750 significantly reduces labor requirements as no additional backfilling is required. Note: Q-Set™ 250-750 users must conduct their own testing to determine the support time required in their application conditions.

Q-Set™ 250-750 can be used to install new posts or provide a new solid foundation
to straighten and stabilize a pole.



EZ-Dig  and Foam Product Benefits:

  • Van and warehouse space savings: 1 bag of foam, less than 10”x10”, under 2 lbs., is equal to three 50 lb. bags of concrete.
  • Tech safety: The foam is lighter than concrete reducing physical stress on techs from van to dig site.
  • The EZ-Dig is ergonomic, post hole diggers are not, again reducing physical stress on the tech.
  • Cured foam is non-toxic & non-hazardous.
  • Non-corrosive
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Prop 65 compliant
  • When dried it is inert plastic, no different than millions of other plastic goods on earth
    Q-Set™ 250-750 is dielectric and its bond around a steel post reduces the risk of premature corrosion that occurs because of stray DC current in the earth from sources such as a nearby DC transmission line, a mining operation…etc. Also the closed cell structure of the foam prevents water from reaching the post.
  • Because Q-Set™ 250-750 is hydrophobic (insensitive to water), the physical properties of the composite liquid, expanding and cured, will not be affected by wet soil or small amounts of standing water in the hole, as long as the standing water does not exceed 2” (5 cm) with the structure in the hole.
  • Bonds to the soil AND the post to provide the best anchorage possible. Concrete is literally just a weight anchor and offers no bonding to soil or structure.
  • Reduces the need for truck rollouts as it cures in 15-30 minutes so you can mount the DISH instantly. Cement takes much longer.
  • Increased revenue: If the same job now takes less time, it is possible to get more jobs done per day meaning more revenue.
  • Fuel savings: Taking concrete off the van and replacing with foam will reduce van weight by anywhere from 96 to 480 lbs. Over an entire fleet this savings is HUGE.