RG6 5 MGHz 3.0 GHz 18 AWG Solid Cu Digital High Performance Single Direct Performance Cable Black W/17 AWG CCS 1000ft


Sold in Reels of 1000 Ft


RG6 5 MGHz 3.0 GHz 18 AWG Solid Cu Digital high performance Single direct performance cable black W/17 AWG CCS 1000ft

  • Premium coaxial cabling designed for high-frequency indoor/outdoor  applications, such as television antennas, digital cable and satellite  transmissions, and video surveillance systems
  • 18 AWG copper-clad steel center conductor and flame-retardant CMR-Rated PVC jacket
  • They are incredibly flexible which makes them very easy to install and provide high-quality images.
  • Skin-foam-skin dielectric reduces high-frequency attenuation while maintaining uniform cell structure, low return loss, and exceptional crush resistance.
  • Sold In Reels of 1000 Ft.